About our Capital Appeal

Honouring tradition, embracing change

Honouring tradition, embracing change

Honouring tradition whilst embracing change, Mount Sinai College creates learnes for life by developing our student's academic, social and practical skills whilst ensuring that they are proud of their Jewish heritage.

Mount Sinai is a leading Australian primary school in regards to education, innovation and technology. The 2017 Capital Appeal will enable Mount Sinai to have the learning spaces and appropriate environment conducive to remaining at the front of the pack.

 With these new spaces we will be well placed for continuing achievements and results in innovation, education and the creation of Australia’s future leaders.

In a world of constant change, and competitiveness, championing each individual is key, through thinking differently and teaching our students to do so too.

Mount Sinai recognises that focusing on individual leads to greater self-confidence and more successful learning outcomes, constant individual improvement, and a passion that engenders a love of learning that continues for the rest of a student’s life.


WHEN: 8-28 OCTOBER 2017


Construction is expected to begin in 2018, with completion planned for the end of 2020. The College is in possession of a Complying Development Certificate.