Message from our Appeal Chairs

Message from our Appeal Chairs

Message from our Appeal Chairs

It’s a huge year for Mount Sinai College with the launch of the Masterplan and the College’s largest ever Capital Appeal.  College leadership is on a journey to ensure that we are equipped with the best learning facilities to teach and inspire our students to be prepared for the 21st century. 

We were approached to co-chair the 2017 Mount Sinai Capital Appeal early this year and as a former president (1992-1996) and a former student (1988-1994) the opportunity to say no was very quickly dismissed.  We are both committed to the success of the College and are passionate about its future. 

Once on board we reflected on the College’s progress and process to get us to this point.  We are pleased to report that there has been extensive, but low-key preparation in the lead up to being awarded the 2017 Capital Appeal opportunity by JCA.  With funds raised from the previous Capital Appeal in 2006 the College has been able to purchase a key property adjoining the existing campus and had the Masterplan approved with a Complying Development Certificate (CDC).  None of this would have been possible without the support of all donors, most recently the 2006 Capital Appeal donors, and we take this opportunity to thank them.  

So what will a successful appeal look like?   

The College commenced in the rear of Maroubra Synagogue in 1981 and was then housed in demountable classrooms until the construction of our first school building in 1993, followed by an additional building in 2009, both based on a post-industrial concept of schooling.  

A successful Capital Appeal will enable the creation of flexible, versatile, innovative and collaborative learning spaces to compliment the curriculum and prepare students as future leaders, equipping them appropriately for the workplace that awaits them.   

As an Apple Distinguished School, Mount Sinai College takes its place amongst 400 schools worldwide with this designation – a real testament to the integration of technology into the College.  Educators from other schools often visit Mount Sinai to see what best practice in iPad integration looks like – they come to learn from us and value the opportunity to do so.  Whilst our technology is second to none, it is now time for our physical facilities to keep pace with the progress of our technology to deliver the future needs of our students. 

This is an exciting time to be part of the Mount Sinai College community and we look forward to working with you to make this a reality. 

Ian and Ben Levi 
Mount Sinai College 2017 Capital Appeal