Facilities & Future Developments

Facilities & Future Developments

Future Developments

The College offers a unique learning experience through its cultural heritage and the Master Plan will see the built environment enhancing this sense of ‘being’. The vision is one that aims to achieve spatial translation offering a long-term, cohesive, adaptable and creative learning environment for the young people of Mount Sinai’s future society.

The Plan includes:

  • A new central hub, and arrival area, incorporating a cultural entrance, and informal gathering and learning spaces
  • Newly remodelled learning clusters
  • New Discovery/Library Centre
  • New Specialist Learning Centre
  • New Cultural Kitchen/Canteen
  • New Link Building over two levels, incorporating a cultural entrance

With the recent acquisition of land adjoining the College, the additional space needed for this redevelopment has become a reality.

As a school, Mount Sinai College is recognised for its innovative integration of technology to create learning opportunities for students and is a designated Apple Distinguished School.  In addition, the College is home to the Feuerstein Program in Sydney – an international cognitive learning program that helps to deliver thinking techniques – teaching children how to learn.  The development of the Master Plan will solidify the College’s vision to create learners for life in a 21st Century environment conducive to positive, critical and creative thinking.

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