Policies & Procedures

Mount Sinai College strives to develop the full potential of every child through child-centred learning experiences. You will find many of our school policies and procedures on this page.

Mount Sinai College Policies & Procedures

1. Introduction to the Philosophy of Mount Sinai College

Mount Sinai College strives to develop the full potential of every child – intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual, physical and creative - through child-centred learning experiences. The Col...

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2c. Gender Equity Policy

The aim of gender equality in the workplace is to achieve broadly equal outcomes for women and men, not exactly the same outcome for all individuals.

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2e. Student Leadership

The Year 6 staff and Principal meet periodically with the students to monitor their progress and to discuss initiatives that they may have. Each student leader is expected to sign the contract enclose...

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3. Philosophy of Jewish Studies and Hebrew at the College

The Hebrew and Jewish Studies curriculum aims to create in our children knowledge and zest for being proud Modern Orthodox Jews.

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4. The Key Learning Areas

Mount Sinai College follows the Curriculum Guidelines, as outlined in the N.S.W Board of Studies Syllabus Teaching and Educational Standards Documents.

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6a. Mount Sinai College Policy on Bullying

Mount Sinai College subscribes to a ‘whole school approach’ (see below) when dealing with the issue of school bullying. The whole school approach will only be successfully implemented if t...

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6b. Discipline Policy

It is publicly recognised that a strength of independent schools is the ability to maintain discipline and deal with disciplinary matters quickly and effectively to ensure that a positive and producti...

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6c. Unlawful Discrimination Harassment and Bullying Statement

Everyone at Mount Sinai College has the legal obligation not to discriminate against, or harass for any unlawful reason, or bully for any reason any employee, agent, contractor, supplier, volunteer, p...

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6d. Dispute Settlement & Grievance Procedure (Staff)

The Association of Independent Schools (AIS) and the New South Wales Independent Education Union (IEU) each has responsibilities toward their respective members which are recognised and respected.

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