Policies & Procedures

Mount Sinai College strives to develop the full potential of every child through child-centred learning experiences. You will find many of our school policies and procedures on this page.

Mount Sinai College Policies & Procedures

6e. Mount Sinai College Positive Behaviour & Values Program

Ideally, our school’s discipline policy and practice will marry with its pastoral care focus (ie the College’s 6 Kinds of Best) and other policies (see policy documents). This program guid...

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7a. Child Protection Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to summarise the obligations imposed by child protection legislation on the School and on employees, contractors and volunteers at the School and to provide guidelines as...

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6f. Policy on disability discrimination

The College’s enrolment policy takes into account the Disability Discrimination Act outlined above. The College has always had a number of students for whom we receive government funding. These ...

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11b. Blue Sky Policy Document

In this document, ‘Gifted Education’ means appropriate academic course offerings and services that are required to provide an educational program that is an integral part of the school day...

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11a. Special Needs Students

The College has a responsibility to meet the learning needs of all children. Children learn at different rates and display different abilities at the earliest stages.

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14. Community School Parental Involvement

The College is constituted so that at all times the membership of its Board of Management shall be made up of a majority of parents of pupils of the College. Twelve members of the Board are elected an...

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15. Enrolment Policy

Mount Sinai College has created a unique teaching and learning environment and instilled meaningful Jewish values and knowledge for close to thirty years. We aim to educate students who are confident ...

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17. Excursions Policy

During the year excursions and incursions are arranged for each class. They prove to be of great educational value. The cost of such incursions / excursions is kept to a minimum. Payment for excursion...

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16. Homework Policy

Homework is valueless, in fact often impossible, without parental co operation. However, most parents are anxious to see their children doing homework and it is sometimes the teacher who is seen as th...

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