Policies & Procedures

Mount Sinai College strives to develop the full potential of every child through child-centred learning experiences. You will find many of our school policies and procedures on this page.

Mount Sinai College Policies & Procedures

18f. Medical Treatment for Students

In the event of a child's sudden illness or accident at school, every effort is made to contact the parents immediately. However, if the College is unable to contact the parents, the child may, if nec...

18g. Asthma Policy

Asthma is a breathing problem. One in four children in Australia is affected. Children with Asthma have sensitive airways in their lungs. When exposed to certain triggers, the airways react causing th...

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18k. Epilepsy

This document covers the required first aid and course of action for seizures.

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21. Sun Protection Policy

In accordance with the guidelines set out by the Cancer Council of NSW and the Department of Education, the school has adopted a sun protection policy. The policy can be summed up in the school's catc...

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22a. Guidelines for the use of Email and Electronic Facilities

This document sets out the security, administration and internal rules which to be observed when communicating electronically or using the IT facilities by Mount Sinai College. Staff should familiaris...

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22b. Guidelines for Mobile Phone use

The increased ownership of mobile phones requires that school/college administrators, teachers, students, and parents take steps to ensure that mobile phones are used responsibly within the school/col...

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22c. Social Networking Policy

As outlined in the Information Technology, Computer, Telephone and Equipment Code of Use, you are not permitted to use social networking sites on School Systems unless you have been specifically autho...

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22d. Use of Email and Electronic Facilities

This Code applies to the use of all School telephones, computers and equipment (including use of the local or hard drive, public network, internet, e-mail, voice mail, personal digital assistants such...

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23. Use of Computers / iPads: Student Contract

As an Apple Distinguished School, we are committed to meeting standards which comply with "Best Practice" as described by the Apple Distinguished School Program and to actively work to innovate, to im...

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