Policies & Procedures

Mount Sinai College strives to develop the full potential of every child through child-centred learning experiences. You will find many of our school policies and procedures on this page.

Mount Sinai College Policies & Procedures

24. Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy sets out how Mount Sinai College manages personal information provided to or collected by it. The College is bound by Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Commonwealth Pr...

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25a. Road Safety Guidelines

The Mount Sinai College Road Safety Policy has been developed following considerable research and observation. These measures will ensure the ongoing safety of your child. They can only succeed if we ...

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25c. Operations of Runic Lane Carpark

Mount Sinai College has installed security bollards in the 17 staff parking bays on Runic Lane. The bollards need to be raised when there is no staff vehicle in any particular bay to ensure the safety...

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