Key People

Learn more about the key people at our College including our Executive, Board of Management and Life Governors

Board of Management

The Mount Sinai College Board comprises a committed group of parents who are passionate about giving back to our community and are focussed on the direction of the College, ensuring it provides a superior secular and Jewish education in an modern Orthodox Jewish environment.

The current board comprises:

  • Tim Greenstein (President)

  • Tony Snoyman (Immediate Past President)

  • Anthony Berman

  • Galia Durbach

  • Michael Eisman

  • Judith Levitan

  • Zack Levy

  • Michael Lion

  • Daryn Saretzki

  • Melanie Schwartz

  • Michael Segerman

  • Jo-Ann Suchard

Sub-committees share the workload and include both board members and non-board members.  All parents are actively encouraged to be involved and can email to express their interest.  

The sub-committees include: 

  • Education

  • Finance and administration

  • Public Relations

  • Marketing and Retention

  • Building Development

  • Enrolments

  • Security / Premises

  • Information Technology

  • Fundraising


Phil Roberts (Principal)

Garron Forman (Deputy Principal)

Rozanna Pleshet (Jewish Studies and Infants Coordinator)

Helen Meyer (Learning Enhancement Coordinator)

Janine Sussman (Special Education Coordinator)

Jill Allison (Early Learning Centre and Preparatory Director)


Leah Balkin

Kerri Blackstone


Peter Philippsohn OAM

Steven Nemes

Bernie Tuch

Ian Levi

Phillip Symonds

Alex Di Veroli

Steve Seidman

Philip Maisel