2017 Capital Appeal

2017 Capital Appeal

Message from our Appeal Chairs

2017 was a huge year for Mount Sinai College with the launch of the Masterplan and the College’s largest ever Capital Appeal.  College leadership is on a journey to ensure that we are equipped with the best learning facilities to teach and inspire our students to be prepared for the 21st century. 

Having participated in the early years of the College as a board member (Ian) and a pupil (Ben) we truly understand that membership to the Mount Sinai family is lifelong.  Our Appeal theme was to honour tradition and embrace change - something that epitomises Mount Sinai College.  

As an Apple Distinguished School, Mount Sinai College takes its place amongst 400 schools worldwide with this designation – a real testament to the integration of technology into the College.  Educators from other schools often visit Mount Sinai to see what best practice in iPad integration looks like – they come to learn from us and value the opportunity to do so.  Whilst our technology is second to none, it is now time for our physical facilities to keep pace with the progress of our technology to deliver the future needs of our students. 

However all the techonology and innovation will not change the essence of Mount Sinai College that honours our traditions - producing students that embrace and are proud of their Jewish heritage.  Students that continue to seek involvement in our  community and lead in this area.

From a school that was brone from an initial $10,000 loan and a modest investment by the community in 1981, it has now educated over 1300 studetns and delivered exceptional scholastic, Jewish , communal and financial returns to our community for over 36 years.

We take this opportunity to thank everyone inovlved in our 2017 Appeal.  The success belongs to everyone..

Ian and Ben Levi 
Mount Sinai College 2017 Capital Appeal

Key People

Appeal Co-Chairs
Ian and Ben Levi
Appeal Committee
Tim Greenstein (President)
Peter Philippsohn OAM
Phil Roberts
Daryn Saretzki
Brad Melman
Tony Snoyman
Lauren Finn
Kathryn Pearce
Rachel Schwartz
Marissa Ely
Dr Millie Phillips
Jacqui Scheinberg
Peter Philippsohn OAM
Danny and Harry Taibel
Richard Gelski
Debbie and Michael Glick
Gavin and Rochelle Solsky
Meirav and Ronnie Shulkin
Sam Weiss
Rabbi Yossi Friedman
Phil Roberts
Jenni and Gary Ulman
Dan and Nicole Katz
Lilly Haikin
Naomi and Leigh Winton
Carin Cohen
Ron Levi
Neville Katz
Life Governors
Peter and Sheila Philippsohn
Ian and Ann Levi
Steven and Irene Nemes
Bernie and Cheryl Tuch
Phillip and Carmela Symonds
Alex and Esther Di Veroli
Steven and Michelle Seidman
Phil and Marcelle Maisel