Online Learning Assistance

Online Learning Guide

This guide outlines how online Learning will work at Mount Sinai.

Online Learning Note To Parents

Each day, the student's day will start with joining a Zoom call in each grade.

Joining the Live Lessons

We have made a video of how to read the Daily Announcement in Seesaw, in order to join a Live Lesson.  

Support Resources

There are separate pages in this site about 

YouTube Playlist

MSC Staff have also created a YouTube playlist below - with some guides that may assist your child including Teams and Zoom, as well as reinstalling apps using the Self Service app.

How can I get assistance? 

For queries about lesson content - the Classroom teacher can answer questions during the morning catch up each day, or they may offer times of the day when they can choose to make a 1 on 1 Teams discussion. 

If you have technical difficulties - not answered by these guides - they can be sent through to Requests for assistance will be responded to between the hours of 8am and 5pm daily, with best efforts after this time.

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