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When should the iPad be used?

We advise the iPad is for daylight-hours use, on weekdays.   This iPad is a school-owned device, and has been given to students to enable their use during school hours and for school activities.

The College has allowed a period of flexible time in the afternoons when students will have time to do revision or other homework 

A command will be sent to the iPad to shut it down each weeknight, in the evening after school activities complete.  The College reserves the right to apply further restrictions to the iPad if excess or inappropriate use has occurred.

What do I need to do when I get home with the iPad?

We request you follow the following steps:

  • Have a discussion with your child(ren) about the purpose of this iPad which is to be used to continue their excellent school experience at home.  Remind them that the iPad is not to be used for games unless specifically called for as a part of an activity set by the teacher, and the expected hours of use.
  • Discuss where the iPad will be used - in a common area where you might normally do homework.
  • Ensure the iPad is on your home Wi-Fi network by going to the Settings App and choosing Wi-Fi, then entering the details. You may need to ask one of your family members for these details.
  • Work out a location for charging the iPad safely each night.

How should I charge my child’s iPad?

We will have provided a charger per family, but in the event that there is a need to charge it on another charger you can use an iPad with a Lightning Connector, and it’s recommended to have a charger with *at least* 10W of power. You can check this by looking at the base of the charger. Assuming you have the correct charger - attach the lightning connector into the base of the iPad and allow it to charge for between 4 and 5 hours each evening. It may get slightly warm so avoid putting it near paper products while charging.

Apple iPad Lightning Connector and 10W Power adapter.

How are you Managing settings on the iPad?

We have applied restrictions to the iPad to minimise the risk of your child experiencing unexpected Internet content, as well as removing unrequired apps on the iPad.  Our Management system is also able to remove apps in the event of misuse of apps.

What do I do if the iPad won’t turn on?

Some steps you can try:

  1. Hold the Home Button and Sleep/Wake Button for 5 seconds and see if the iPad Reboots
  2. Ensure the iPad is attached to a charger that is marked as being between 10 and 12Watts. - Check the cabling is OK and the cabling is connected properly
  3. If the iPad has completely run out of batteries - it may take 10 minutes or so to charge even
  4. Check for the information in Apple's  Support guide in regards to the iPad https://support.apple.com/en-a...

The sound on my iPad doesn't work?

There is a helpful guide with many tips available at this page with some tips on sorting out iPad audio:

Trouble Shooting Headphone Sound

I have another issue with the iPad or it needs repair?

First of all - don't panic.  We have spares at Mount Sinai as well as at a vendor’s offices in case we need to swap it out and get your child learning again.   We will guide you through the process of repairing if required. Most of the applications also work from a web browser if required.  Please Email the Helpdesk at ithelp@mountsinai.nsw.edu.au for further assistance and we'll make arrangements to swap it.

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