Which Seesaw App do my children need? 

Students need the Seesaw Class App. This is loaded onto their iPads that are taken home, but if for any reason they need to use this at home on their own technology - they can download the Seesaw app. There is also a website version available that works in the Chrome and Firefox Internet Browsers. These are all available at this website:

Which Seesaw App do parents need to view content? 

You can keep up to date on things with the Seesaw Family App. The correct version of this for all platforms including Android, iOS and Chrome Web Browser is available at:

If you don’t have an account for Seesaw - speak to your student’s Classroom teacher and provide them with your preferred email address and they can email you a link to set yourself up. The email will look like this - click the highlighted button.

How do I setup the Seesaw App?

School-owned iPads will already have the App, but if you need to setup another computer or device - download the app from or sign in. 

Once at this website or app - launch the App and choose “I’m a Student” and enter or scan the code which can be obtained from your class teacher or by emailing

How will the Seesaw Class App be used?

The Seesaw app will be used on a daily basis to communicate what activities are happening, as well as some learning -  particularly in Infants.  

Most students will be very familiar with Seesaw.

In Infants - some of the daily work within Seesaw will be focused on the feature called “Activities”. These are small projects for the student to do within Seesaw. 

To participate in an Activity - the student will follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Activiites” section on the right-hand side of the App
  2. Look for the activity for today - any that need a response need you to push the button of choose “Add Response” which will give more instructions to the student.

The student can use many great Tools in Seesaw to share what they've learnt:

Miss Fester recorded a video on the MSC YouTube channel on some of the ways that the Seesaw App may be used at MSC.  You can see the video below:

How can I get further help with Seesaw? 

Seesaw have a useful video for your viewing available at, and a terrific range of videos and other guides in their help section for Families at The Classroom teachers have excellent knowledge of Seesaw and also may be able to assist.

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