Which App do I need for Stile?

Stile is an icon on student's iPads called "Stile Web". Stile is used more in the primary school.

It is also available on the Web through the Mount Sinai Website at https:// and by clicking the Quick Links - Student and Staff Sign In section on the Mount Sinai Webpage. 

How do I Sign in?

The Students will sign in on their iPads. In the Stile App - they click the ‘Sign In With Microsoft” button, then their Mount Sinai username and Password. The usernames and passwords will be provided as a part of the distribution of the iPads, or are on labels on the student iPads.

What does my child need to do in Stile?

Students will be guided via the daily parent communications around what activities they need to do - the activity will have the name and Lesson for the student to follow.

Click on this link to see a video of how to log into Stile.

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