Our Philosophy

Children have the right to learn, feel loved, respected and to have a voice in order to feel safe and secure. At Mount Sinai College (MSC) each child is recognised as unique. Children are supported so they develop autonomy, resilience and the ability to make choices and decisions. Our Early Childhood Educators are thoughtful and creative in their interactions with children, empowering them to be imaginative and confident learners. Children at MSC celebrate and recognise their Jewish identity and develop a strong understanding of their Jewish heritage, traditions, customs, culture and religion.

Each child brings his own blessing into the world.” (Talmud)

Children are curious and capable learners. We recognise that children have the capacity to succeed regardless of diverse circumstances and abilities. Children are given opportunities to engage in meaningful, play-based learning experiences. Their play provides opportunities to learn as they discover, create, improvise and imagine.

“Play is the forefather of culture and innovation.” (Johan Huizinga)

Children construct understandings and new meanings on their own as well as in collaboration with peers, educators and adults. Our Educators listen to children, act as facilitators in their learning experiences and support their interests to help them problem solve and extend their learning.


  • Our highly qualified educators develop rich and diverse programs, guided by Australia’s Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standards

  • We encourage questioning, exploration, and problem solving to build your child’s thinking and skills

  • We provide a literacy and numeracy rich environment that is challenging and fun

  • We encourage positive friends to help develop social skills

  • Our children play, sing, laugh, talk, discover, create and learn in a safe and happy environment

Thank you for an amazing year. Eva is happy, stimulated and developing well in all areas. What more could a parent ask for? - Martine Nabarro (Parent)