Food, Canteen and Flexischools

Healthy, kosher food with minimal packaging is encouraged. No meat, chicken or nuts are allowed.

The Canteen operates via the Flexischools online ordering system. The canteen is not available for the ELC. For days of operation, menu and ordering instructions:

If you have any questions or specific requirements, please message Jess Sarak on 0404 230 896.

Hot Dog Days are offered and run by the Parents Association (PA) each term as a fundraiser. On such days, the canteen will be closed. 

Birthday Cakes can be purchased via the PA to share with your child’s class on their birthday. Order forms are distributed in the first week of each term. Due to our Kashrut policy, only cakes purchased from the PA can be served at school. 

Challah from Jesse’s Bakery is available to order each term. The Challah is delivered to the school every Friday morning and delivered to students in class to take home for Shabbat. 

All orders for Hot Dog Days, Birthday Cakes and Challah need to be submitted online via Flexischools.

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