Mount Sinai College is a co-educational, modern Orthodox Jewish day school focused on academic outcomes that create out of the square thinkers who are community minded and socially aware.

Everything we do at Mount Sinai College is based on our belief in excellence.


How often do we read this word but fail to ask ourselves what we mean by it? At Mount Sinai College we are inspired and guided by an African proverb that informs our purpose.

Excellence is about:

“Caring more than others think is wise

Risking more than others think is safe

Dreaming more than others think is practical

Expecting more than others think is possible”

We care - about our students – their overall development, our school values, our families, each other and the wellbeing and development of our staff.

We take risks - essential if we want to challenge ourselves and be the best. Our College continues to innovate and lead – The Feuerstein Centre, Apple Distinguished School, Visible Thinking School – only calculated, vision and risk leads to reward.

We dream – about what and who we can be and how we can get there. We create a vision and then connect this vision to a strategy to achieve success.  We are guided by a clear message: ‘Vision without action is a daydream, action without vision is a nightmare’.

We expect – so much more of our students than they expect of themselves – encouraging them always to move forward, one foot in front of the other on their journey as learners for life.

When you walk into a Mount Sinai classroom you will see collaboration, problem-solving, visible learning, persistence, humour, engagement, diverse technology supporting teaching and learning, challenges, differentiation, multiple modes of learning and most importantly – relationship building.

The classroom of today should be inviting, flexible, versatile and open. Parents who come to Mount Sinai College recognise that the classroom of today, cannot, and should not be, the classroom they experienced.   

Our teachers communicate with passion – they make learning fun and exciting. For your children, we encourage you to be involved in the educational journey and be part of our wider school community.

Watching our students at work and play, we recognise their experience as one with positive energy in an atmosphere of happy and purposeful learning that characterises Mount Sinai College.

We aim to develop optimistic, critical and creative thinkers who will be learners for life.


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