Fostering the Mount Sinai Legacy

Mount Sinai Foundation aims to deliver for the future.

We know our reputation has been, and is, our most valued asset, and we appreciate that whilst we have always been pleased with what we have, and what we have achieved, our Foundation is equally focussed on how we can foster our legacy, and how we can continue to embrace change and honour tradition in ways that secure our school’s future.

We are pleased to begin a new chapter in the ever-expanding Mount Sinai story. The creation of the Mount Sinai Foundation allows us to continue making our school better; not bigger. We want to provide as many students as possible the opportunity to be a part of, and benefit from, the most dynamic Jewish school in Sydney.

Mount Sinai College continues to research, develop, and codify strong evidence on what students need to master foundational skills such as reading, writing, and critical thinking. We know what interventions work to move most students to proficiency and beyond. We know the values that strengthen student behaviour and their standing in the community. And as an Apple Distinguished School, we know how to use technology in ways that ensure Education remains the lighting of a fire, not the filling of a pail.

In short, we know what it means, and what it takes, to deliver a quality Jewish education. More than ever, we want future generations to benefit from what our alumni, parents and our staff know – that we offer an unparalleled educational experience.

Most importantly, we recognise that our future will not get better by chance; it will get better by change, and our Foundation has been established to facilitate that change.

Continuing to evolve so that students can be adaptable enough to meet the challenges of tomorrow and that our infrastructural, technological and educational needs are delivered and supported remain at the forefront of fostering our legacy.

The smallest of giving can change the course of the future for a child. If the journey to a great relationship starts when the path is shared, we invite you to share that path even in the smallest way.

“The whole value of a benevolent deed lies in the love that inspires it.” – Talmud: Sukkah.

Your contribution goes further at Mount Sinai College

Introducing the Phil Roberts Literacy Fund: A Tribute to Principal Phil Roberts' 33 Years of Dedication

After an illustrious journey spanning over three decades, Principal Phil Roberts bid farewell to Mount Sinai College in July 2023, leaving a legacy of unwavering commitment and transformative leadership. For an impressive 33 years, Phil was an integral part of the school's fabric, evolving from a dedicated teacher to his role as Deputy and, ultimately, his 20-year reign as Principal. Phil's impact reverberated across the school community and even broader educational circles. His contributions were reflected in his leadership within the school and his involvement on multiple boards and committees, including positions with IPSHA, ISTAA, and CIS.

The Phil Roberts Literacy Fund is a fitting tribute to a man who dedicated himself to fostering a deep appreciation for cultural and scientific pursuits and literature among our students. Phil is passionate about instilling a love of learning from an early age, and he sees foundational literacy skills as the key to academic success and the building blocks that cultivate all intellectual curiosity.

The fund will provide students access to a rich tapestry of books, literary, scientific and musical resources, and innovative educational programs that will ignite their imaginations and fuel their thirst for knowledge encouraging a lifelong love of reading, enquiry and learning. It will also support digital literacy and innovative STEAM projects that will empower students to discover their voices, become confident communicators, satisfy curious minds and realise their full potential in a rapidly evolving world. True to Phil's vision. 


The Building Fund will support ongoing capital works and ensure our state-of-the-art school continues to have the appropriate facilities and infrastructure that align with its innovative and evolving teaching methodologies.  

In 2021, Mount Sinai College celebrated 40 years since its establishment. Over the past four decades, it has proven to be a jewel in the crown of our community, offering academic excellence and a rich and immersive Jewish experience. The MSC Foundation will give the school the security it needs to plan for the next 40 years and beyond.  

As the winner of the prestigious Learning Environments Australasian awards for renovations above $5 million, our sights are set on continuing our campus expansion.   

Join us in building the foundations for our children's future.

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