Mount Sinai College are specialists in early childhood and primary education. We focus all our resources and attention on educating primary and pre-school age children ensuring a nurturing and comfortable environment for young children to thrive and excel in.

Mount Sinai College students who have been enrolled in the school by no later than year 4 and meet Moriah College's Enrolment Policy can gain entry into Moriah College for year 7. This entry point is underpinned by a formal contractual relationship which ensures the availability of a seamless pathway to high school.

Many of our students choose to go to other high schools as well, and Mount Sinai College staff are active in providing advice and guidance for parents when they are selecting a high school and actively prepare students for the transition. Mount Sinai is able to pass on relevant student background information to high schools to ensure student needs are understood and to assist in providing a smooth transition.

For more information, or to book a tour with our College Principal please email Director of Enrolments Rachel Schwartz 

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