Over 3 years $142.90 per day*

Under 3 years  $165.70 per day*

*(Before Child Care Subsidy if eligible) 


The Preparatory (Prep) School Readiness class for 4-5 year olds, operates under a dual model, offering families a choice in fees and attendance for their child. Information is available here about the Preparatory Dual Model. (Preparatory students who select the school term model will be charged the full daily rate for any additional days booked during non-term time. Any Child Care Subsidy will not apply to these additional days).

Long day care model: $142.90 per day *(before Child Care Subsidy if eligible)

School term model: $4,886.00 per term** (No child care subsidy)

*Eligible families may receive the Australian Government's Child Care Subsidy. Further details here

Please note: Late fees apply when an ELC student is not collected from the ELC by the advertised closing time. Late fees are charged as follows: A flat rate minimum of $20 and then an additional $1 per minute for each minute that your child has not been collected after closing time. No Child Care Subsidy (CCS) can be claimed for this fee.


Despite the challenging economic conditions, we have continued our focus on ensuring that the College Fees remain the lowest of all the Jewish Day Schools in Sydney. As such, we have looked to absorb as many of the cost increases as possible, ensuring that we maintain a financially viable school for our students.

This is reinforced by our flat fee structure, such that the cost to our parents is the same for Year K as it is through to Year 6 (subject to annual increases). Both of these factors lead to considerable savings for our parents.

Mount Sinai College acts as an agent for the Jewish Day School (ABN 27 003 169 837) and bills fees on their behalf.

Primary Years K-6 Tuition $2,983.75 per term
Jewish Day School
Tuition $1,278.75 per term
Total Tuition $4,262.50** per term

**There are four terms per school year

 ‘Outgoings’ are not included in the school fees tabled above. The table below sets out these outgoings per term:

Year Tuition Fees Per Term** Outgoings Per Term**
Year K
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6

Outgoings such as security, camp and excursions are not included in the school fees. The table above sets out these outgoings, which are charged at cost to parents.


We are pleased to offer the following discounts for siblings in Year K-6:
  • for the 2nd child enrolled at MSC: 10%
  • for the 3rd child enrolled at MSC: 20%
  • for the 4th (and any additional children enrolled at MSC): 25%

To discuss financial assistance, please contact Daniella Meisel for a confidential discussion on (02) 9349 4877

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