Creative Arts are widely integrated into other Key Learning Areas, which enhance curriculum relevance and extend to the delivery of cross-curricular outcomes at our College.


At Mount Sinai, music plays an integral role as a cherished component of both Jewish life and Jewish education. The College boasts an enthusiastic junior and senior choir, a junior and senior band and a chamber ensemble. Our young musicians receive quality tuition from various peripatetic music teachers – percussion, brass, woodwind and strings. Students are encouraged to become involved as soloists or group musicians, whether it’s simply for fun or to pursue music more seriously. Special events like soirées and concerts provide an ideal platform for our budding musicians to showcase their talents in front of an audience, celebrating their musical journey in the process.

Meet the Head of the Mount Sinai College Music Department, Elana Shatari.


The Mount Sinai College Israeli dancers have become legendary, and their presence at major festivals such as Yom Ha’atzmaut inspires and delights audiences. Their superb choreography and creative costumes are testimony to their inspirational teachers. 

You tell me and I forget, you teach me and I remember, you involve me and I learn.


Drama classes teach through exploration, expression and discovery. The College’s productions and performances are always choreographed and produced with creativity and imagination and are a key part of our curriculum. Our performing arts teachers encourage your child to explore new educational pathways that build self-worth and a sense of achievement.


Through art, our students are encouraged to express themselves and inspire others.  It is a true expression of self, and teachers nurture that integral part of the child. The College also invites external art teachers into the school annually to conduct unique art classes in which every child participates.

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