Creating Learners for Life

Mount Sinai College through its Early Learning Centre and Primary School creates a life-long love of learning in a nurturing Jewish environment.

We strive to develop positive, critical and creative thinkers who immerse themselves in 21st Century learning.

Nurturing Community Environment

We provide a nurturing environment that fosters a strong belief system amongst our students to develop ethical behaviour.  Navigating the future with a clear moral purpose and confident understanding of one’s self is a key component in the development of our students. Students start their journey to become learners for life in our The Early Learning Centre and Prep.

Leaders in Innovation

As an Apple Distinguished School, Mount Sinai College is recognised for its innovative integration of technology to create personalised learning opportunities. Students are taught to think and solve problems for themselves in an environment that values discovery and growth.  A host of multimedia resources, apps and peripherals are available. With a robust, fast and safe network, students are active and enthusiastic users of the technology which is always at their fingertips.

Connected Jewish Identity

In a modern Orthodox environment Mount Sinai College embraces the best aspects of Jewish and Australian culture.  We help each student to develop a personal commitment to their Judaism and heritage in the modern world, as well as a love for the Jewish people and State of Israel.