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Our design is an architectural expression of the contemporary, relevant Apple Distinguished School we have become. A school that reflects 3 archetypal learning spaces - Campfires; Waterholes and Caves. The cave is a private space for learning, the campfire is a place where people gather to collaborate in learning, and the watering hole is a place for sharing information and discoveries.
— Former School Principal Phil Roberts (2003 - 2023)
It is important to note that everything we have done to date is ‘purpose-built’- whether it be the centrally positioned and family-centred library, or the stunning Tree of Life sculpture and Magen David motif, or the external canteen which beckons the community each morning - everything was designed to welcome and bring our Mount Sinai community together.
— College President 2019-2022, Anthony Berman
Simply put, this is architecture that says “come in and meet the family”. The classrooms and various spaces with their flexibility and versatility - all are aligned to current teaching methodology and hence planned. “Most importantly, our staff were prepared after years of professional learning to work in these spaces. 
— Former School Principal Phil Roberts (2003 - 2023)

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