Since it's inception in 1981, our College has continued to embrace and welcome our Alumni and families back to the College. Many former students are now parents at the school - indicative of a real circle of life.

Our Alumni and Friends Association aims to create opportunities for former students and their families to keep in touch with the College, their contemporaries and continue their involvement.

Where does a Mount Sinai student end up?

Mirah Teichtahl

Nicole Cousens

Jackie Blum

Paul Biller

Noam Hayman

Keren Lipschitz

Please keep in touch with us by emailing us your address and contact details:

Reunions as well as other College events are opportunities to network with old friends and sometimes make new ones.

The B’Yachad captures what it means to be part of the Mount Sinai College community. It showcases all aspects of College life, providing a glimpse into the different types of learning experiences for our students and celebrates our remarkable Alumni community.

Online copies of our B'Yachad Magazine are available here:

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