Keren Lipschitz

We recently caught up with Keren Lipschitz who graduated Mount Sinai College in 1996 and continued her high school years at Moriah College, a feeder high-school for Mount Sinai College.

What are your fondest memories of MSC?
- Being involved in Tuckshop in year 6
- School concerts every year
- Choir (thanks Mrs Shatari!)
- Mr Roberts reading 3-minute mysteries at the end of the day to our class in Year 5 and 6.
- Spending hours in the library (thanks to my mum, the librarian)

What were some of the values and beliefs MSC instilled in your school life growing up? Do you take these with you into adulthood?

- Jewish values
- Quality not quantity
- Looking out for one another and the importance of community.

How did MSC nurture your Jewish identity and beliefs?
Mount Sinai set the practical foundations for my Jewish life today. The songs learned in infants school (including Puff the Kosher dragon) I still remember and teach to my children. I remember speed reading the siddur in Jewish studies classes and as a result, can navigate my way around shule services with somewhat proficiency. I remember learning the Pesach demonstration seders and
now every year I think about it every Pesach when we sing the same tunes and my siblings and I can all recite certain paragraphs with the fluency we had in primary school.

MSC are teaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) to prepare our students for the economy of the future. From your experience, how has STEM helped you get to where you are today?
I ended up studying a science degree at University and becoming a physiotherapist so found it very useful in my vocation. But more widely understanding the way of the world.

What is your involvement with the Jewish community and did MSC nurture that involvement?
I have always been involved with the Jewish Community in some way and at the moment it would be through my local shule, Maccabi touch football and getting my kids involved! Do you have anything else to add to your experience with MSC?
It still amazes me how often I see Mt Sinai alumni involved in the community and how special it is to connect with alumni of all ages. After all these years I still feel connected to the Mt Sinai family. My husband jokes that Mt. Sinai wasn't really
that small (only 21 people in my graduating year!) as I have introduced him to half the school over the years!

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