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The Mount Sinai Parent Lounge is available for all families. Login details are linked to the email address you have registered with the College. The image below will take you to the sign in page where you login with your details, as well as resetting your password

Mount Sinai Parent Sign-in page:

Mount Sinai Parent App

Your login details for the Parent Lounge also work for our Parent app - it provides mobile access to key information about your child and the College.  It is available on both of the major app platforms, with links below:

Apple App Store

Google Play (Android)

The instruction manual for the Parent App can be downloaded here 

Help Guides:

My Child is away, will be leaving early or arrive late to school.

Please see the guide - My Child is away from school - adding an Attendance entry

I can't login to the portal - I receive an "Unauthorised" error.

Sometimes this happens when you're still logged in as one of your children on the same computer.   Follow this link and sign out.  You may also use Google Chrome's "Profiles" feature to allow you to setup multiple profiles on the same computer so both you and your child can sign in.

How can I turn on extra protection for my password?

Our Parent Lounge login system supports "Multifactor Authentication".  Login to the login page.  Under your name in the top right corner,  choose "Settings".  You can use apps including "Microsoft Authenticator", Authy or Google Authenticator by scanning a QR code within these apps.  We have created a Guide including steps to use Microsoft Authenticator, it can be downloaded here.

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