Noam Hayman

Noam Hayman is a current Jewish studies teacher with us here at MSC. Noam studied his formative years at MSC and continued his education at Moriah College.

What are your fondest memories of MSC?

In year 3 we had Morah Carni for Hebrew. I remember before Yom Kippur sitting in a circle on the floor with the class and we had to go around the circle and apologise to one person in the class forever hurting them. That was a beautiful exercise and I appreciated our honesty as a class. Otherwise, it’s just my legs getting tired from standing in shule every Friday, cutting corners during the run and playing handball every break.

What were some of the values and beliefs MSC instilled in your school life growing up?
Mount Sinai made me feel like every student was important and deserved equal attention and focus. I remember once on the school bus all the Year 6 managed to shush everyone because someone’s mum called them on their phone. That to me epitomises the school, showing that we’re all responsible for one another and must always try to help others when we can.

How did MSC nurture your Jewish identity and beliefs?
At MSC Jewish studies is treated with the same respect and importance as secular subjects. Putting explicit values aside for a moment, this implicitly sends the strong message that Jewish studies are just as important, if not more important, than the secular subjects. I remember craving challah each Friday and sharing it with the class and listening attentively to Rabbi Perez’s enthusiastic divrei Torah. The college provided an atmosphere that cultivated the development of a Jewish identity and treated Judaism with the appropriate intellectual and emotional vigour necessary for religious growth.

What is your involvement with the Jewish community and did MSC nurture that involvement?
I have been greatly involved with the youth movements in the Sydney community, leading Bnei Akiva and heading the AZYC NSW. I also volunteer with Hatzolah and manage the children services at JLC in North Bondi. MSC created a culture that endorses initiative and social responsibility. Students in year K have always been looked after by their buddies in year 6, and a feeling of communal responsibility and a sense of camaraderie has always been present the school. I was never afraid of seeking responsibilities when I felt I could contribute because MSC taught me to always do my part when I can.

Do you have anything else to add to your experience with MSC?

I remember in year K thinking that I knew the name of every student in the school. Now it’s hard enough memorising my student’s names… but I feel like that really highlights how close we were as a school where the younger years were never intimidated by the older students. 

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