Apple Distinguished School (2013 - 2021)

Mount Sinai College is pleased to announce that for its third designation, we’ve been awarded as an Apple Distinguished School for 2013-2021. The selection of Mount Sinai College as an Apple Distinguished School highlights the College’s success in providing an innovative and compelling learning environment that engages students and provides tangible evidence of academic accomplishment. 

A host of multimedia resources, apps and peripherals are available as we use technology to modernise the way we educate. One-to-one iPads are provided to our K-6 students at no extra cost. Like a pencil or notebook, the iPad is an essential learning tool in the Mount Sinai College classroom.

With a robust, fast and safe network, students are active and enthusiastic users of the technology which is always at their fingertips.

What does it mean to be an Apple Distinguished School? (2013 -2021)

Technology is an ever-evolving set of tools used to solve all sorts of problems in every discipline. As an Apple Distinguished School, one of only 400 in the world, Mount Sinai College has embraced technology as both a teaching tool as well as developing skills where students use technology to solve problems. This is not just about learning coding and robotics – which kids absolutely love! -but learning a new way of thinking. It allows us to redefine what learning looks like and embed the core skills of STEM into our classrooms on a daily basis.   

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Challenge Based Learning Approach (CBL)

We’ve adopted Apple’s Challenge Based Learning approach, which allows students to leverage technology to answer their own questions about a scientific phenomenon or social action they want to change. It helps them learn in a way that is meaningful to them. CBL is embraced from K-6, with students encouraged to identify Big Ideas that are important on a global scale, ask questions to better understand real-world challenges and then use technology to research, implement and present their solutions.

‘When you watch a child’s eyes light up because they’ve built something using technology, that’s just irreplaceable – it’s more impactful than just regurgitating facts’.
— Principal Phil Roberts

Accessible places for discovery

Our children are often required to present back their schoolwork using video from their iPads. For example, students record themselves reading their classwork, using and describing what they’ve made, how it works and their own analysis of the outcomes.

During sport classes, while students are participating in high jump, they’re recording the motion of jumping and replaying it for themselves on their individual iPad to analyse their form and style to identify where improvements need to be made.

Or during Science classes students are able to get much more engaged with their journals by heading off to the park, taking pictures and video, annotating and collating these multimedia resources in a digital journal or book.

Embracing STEM at a Primary school age transforms the learning experience into a real-world context at a much earlier stage of life, broadening our students’ perspectives and opportunities as they enter high school.

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