At Mount Sinai College we offer an inclusive experience, where your child is identified, supported and encouraged to excel. The ‘team’ is very experienced and our approach is caring, thoughtful and proactive. The team includes the Principal, College Psychologist, Feuerstein Coordinator, Enrichment (Gifted and Talented) Coordinator, Learning Enhancement Coordinator, Infants and Jewish Studies Coordinator, Well-being Coordinator and others who may have a positive impact on your child.


Dynamic Cognitive Programs

  • Feuerstein
  • Instrumental Enrichment Standard
  • Instrumental Enrichment Basic
  • Tactile Kinesthetic
  • Bright Start

Assessment Tools

  • LPAD (Standard)
  • Dynamic Assessment of Young Children (David Tzuriel)
  • Cognitive Abilities Profile (CAP)

Special Ed Programs

  • Minilit- small group work
  • Multilit- 1;1 reading intervention
  • Phonemic Awareness -Early intervention Kindergarten

Assessment Tools

  • SPAT- Sutherland Phonemic Awareness Test
  • The Minilit Placement Test
  • Multilit Word Attack Skills placement Test
  • YARC- York Assessment for Reading Comprehension

Available for ELC, Prep and K-6

  • Individual therapy with students
  • Parenting/family support
  • Consultation with class teachers
  • PALS - social skills program in Prep
  • Therapeutic or Feuerstein Story Writing 

Identification Processes and Assessment:

  • Parent and teacher nomination forms
  • Variety of standardised ACER tests
  • Off-level testing
  • External educational assessments e.g. IQ tests
  • In-class data, including teacher observations, work samples, reports, portfolios, performance-based assessments
  • CoGAT
  • Enrichematics tests

External Opportunities

  • Maths Olympiad
  • Computational and Algorithmic Thinking Competition (CAT)
  • Australian Mathematics Competition
  • Writing, science, creative arts, technology-related competitions
  • Tournament of the Minds
  • Da Vinci Decathlon


Mount Sinai College specialist learning team takes a dynamic approach to assessment and learning. As Dr Reuven Feuerstein said, "Intelligence is not a static structure, but an open, dynamic system that can continue to develop throughout life!" By working collaboratively to develop the best learning outcomes for your child, we’re able to foster and meet the needs of a diverse classroom and promote inclusive practice.


Some of our core goals – influenced by Feuerstein philosophy - are to develop a methodology of how to learn, not simply what to learn. Our College offers various interventions including literacy and numeracy.  Many children and even adults are being ‘left behind’, not because they have real learning difficulties, but because they were never taught how to learn. By identifying and targeting specific cognitive weaknesses, we believe that we can intervene and strengthen predispositions that affect children’s behaviour and learning. We will get to know your child’s strengths and those areas of development we need to work on. 

We will know and support your child as much as you do!  We are always searching for areas of ‘learning potential’ in contrast to the ‘static measurement’ of current performance alone.

We look forward to working with you to support your child(ren). 

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