A Benefit Mindset

Thursday, 01 Dec 2022

My thanks to Ron Schwartz who shared with me this great evolution of Carol Dwek’s Mindsets. I shared this with my colleagues at the staff meeting. ‘We live in extraordinary times where everyone is facing complex challenges they haven’t faced before. From coronavirus to climate change, mental health to systemic injustice, what’s clear is that no individual or institution can transform these issues on their own. Our ability to respond – and break through to a world that works for all life – requires something more than everyone’s best personal efforts. Bringing about meaningful change requires us to build a sense of a “we,” that we can align a diversity of contributions and become partners in the wellbeing of all. And our ability to actualise this possibility requires a profound shift in mindset: towards what is called a benefit mindset.’

What is a benefit mindset? 

A benefit mindset builds on a growth mindset, when we understand that our abilities can be developed – and we also understand we can transform towards a more caring, inclusive and interdependent perspective. It is called “benefit” mindset because it is concerned with the life-long process of learning how we can be the transformation and realise our unique potential in a way that serves the wellbeing of all.

I particularly like the intersect with building strong culture within – the focus on paying it forward and putting others first. And this in turn resonates with Adam Grant’s book Give and Take where he defines how some in life are ‘takers’ whilst others are ‘givers’.
A benefit mindset school is the pinnacle!

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