MSC Bat Mitzvah Ceremony 2019

Latest News Wednesday, 27 Nov 2019

A hearty Mazal Tov to the Mount Sinai College (MSC) Year 6 girls who participated in our whole grade B’not Mitzvah Presentation at Maroubra Shule earlier this month. 

These impressive young women did themselves, their families, their teachers and their school community proud. The Dvar Torah titled “Naaseh Ve Nishma” (our school motto) was borne of their Year 6 Jewish Studies curriculum.
Each student articulated an area of Jewish “learning for life” that was of personal significance with confidence and conviction. Their memorable and melodious singing touched our hearts and they conducted themselves with style and pride.

The event oozed “ruach”. A favourite moment was the spontaneous dancing of a “hora” on the Bimah at its conclusion. The class of 2019 have secured themselves a place in our MSC archives as the inaugural group for this event.
A huge thank you to all our girls for their participation. We wish them continued “groundbreaking” success into the future.  Behatlacha for the rest of your journey “בנות”!

Please take a moment to watch our highlighted video below and view the downloadable images taken from the ceremony. Photo credit Ofer Levy.

2019 Annual B'Not Mitzvah Presentation

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